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Annual Report March 16, 1999 - March 15, 2000 Department of Statistics University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32611-8545 June, 2000 Contents 1 Research Activities: March 16, 1999 - March 15, 2000 7 2 Non-Refereed Publications 15 3 Technical Reports 17 4 Grants 20 5 Invited Papers, Seminars and Short Courses 24 6 Contributed Papers 30 7 Seminars At The University of Florida 31 8 International Activity 33 9 Editorial Activities 34 10 Professional Committees and Activities 36 11 Scientific Review Activities 37 12 College And University Service 37 13 Teaching Awards 39 14 Awards and Other Recognitions of Scholarship 39 15 Degrees Awarded 40 16 Courses Offered 41 17 Textbooks Authored By Our Faculty 42 18 IFAS Department of Statistics 45 19 Division Of Biostatistics 45 20 Pediatric Oncology Group/Childrens Oncology Group 46 1 Faculty Agresti, Alan G., Professor, Ph.D. Wisconsin 1972. Booth, James G., Assoc. Professor, Ph.D. Kentucky 1987. Carter, Randolph L., Professor, Ph.D. Iowa State 1976. Chang, Myron N., Professor, Ph.D. Maryland 1984. Conlon, Michael, Res. Assoc. Professor, Ph.D. Florida 1982. Cornell, John A., Professor, Ph.D. Virginia Polytechnic 1968. Devidas, Meenakshi, Res. Assist. Professor, Ph.D., Memphis 1991. Garvan, Cynthia, Research Assistant Scientist, Ph.D., University of Florida, 1996 Ghosh, Malay, Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. North Carolina 1969. Gueorguieva, Ralitza, Prov. Vis. Assist. Prof., Ph.D., University of Florida, 1999. Hobert, James, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Cornell University August, 1994. Hutson, Alan D., Res. Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University Rochester, 1996. Kepner, James, Res. Assoc. Professor, Ph.D. Iowa 1979. Khuri, Andr e I., Professor, Ph.D. (Math.) Florida 1969, Ph.D. (Stat.) Virginia Polytech- nic 1976. Littell, Ramon C., Dir. IFAS Stat. and Professor, Ph.D. Oklahoma State 1970. London, Wendy B., Res. Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Med. College of Virginia 1997. Lorica, Fe G., Lecturer, M.S. Alabama 1991. Marks, Ronald G., Dir. Div. Biostat. and Professor, Ph.D. Florida 1974. Martin, Frank G., Professor, Ph.D. North Carolina State 1959. McGorray, Susan P., Res. Assist. Scientist, Ph.D. Washington 1990. Moorhead, Jacquelyn E., Assoc. In Statistics, M.S. Florida 1985. Natarajan, Ranjini, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Cornell, 1995 Ohman, Pamela, Assist. Professor, Ph.D. Cornell 1997. Potcner, Kevin, Lecturer, M.S. Rochester Institute of Technology 1997. Portier, Kenneth M., Assoc. Professor, Ph.D. North Carolina 1979. 2 Presnell, Brett D., Assoc. Professor, Ph.D. Florida State 1990. Randles, Ronald H., Professor and Chair, Ph.D. Florida State 1969. Rao, P.V., Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. Georgia 1963. Ripol, Maria, Lecturer, M.S. Cornell 1994.... View Full Document

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