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CHAPTER 16 MANAGING CHANGE MULTIPLE CHOICE FORCES FOR CHANGE IN ORGANIZATIONS 1. All of the following are planned corporate changes EXCEPT: A. installing a computer-controlled machine tool B. responding to an increase in the excise tax on gasoline C. preparing materials and making arrangements for a workforce diversity-training workshop D. scheduling production runs for the peak vacation period of June through August ANSWER: B, medium, appl., pg. 387 2. Which of the following is NOT a term to describe the organizations that will succeed in meeting the competitive challenges that businesses face? A. adaptiveness B. flexibility C. responsiveness D. mechanistic ANSWER: D, easy, synthesis & evaluation, pg. 387 3. Workout sessions at GE are designed to: A. set the strategic direction of the organization B. identify the success factors that will lead to better performance within markets C. identify the competitive moves of competitors D. make the organization faster, less complex, and able to respond effectively to change ANSWER: D, medium, analysis, pg. 387 External Forces 4. Which of the following is NOT an external force that can stimulate the need for change? A. labor market B. competitor's pricing decisions C. changes in employees expectations D. effective date of new federal employment law ANSWER: C, medium, appl., pg. 388-390 5. All of the following are part of globalizing an organization EXCEPT: A. disseminating and gathering information B. developing people C. finding the most appropriate structure D. focusing on behavior rather than attitudes ANSWER: D, medium, analysis, pg. 388 212 213 Chapter 16 6. Hartford Financial Services Group responded to the global challenge associated with economic imperialism in the British and Dutch markets by: A. emphasizing diversity in training programs B. utilizing cross-functional assignments to improve integration and coordination C. offering a stock ownership plan that tied personal fortunes to the success of the company D. changing the culture ANSWER: C, medium, K&C, pg. 388 7. Advantica, Denny's parent company, undertook radical changes due to lawsuits based on racism. They subsequently implemented all of the following changes EXCEPT: A. minority ownership has increased to over 35% of Denny's franchises B. nearly half of its officers and managers are minorities C. the commitment to diversity has moved the company to the number one spot in Fortune's list of the 50 Best Companies for Asians, African Americans, and Hispanics. D. a top manager who doesn't reflect the valuing of diversity will not get a bonus ANSWER: D, medium, K&C, pg. 389 8. Technological changes bring about profound change because they are not just changes in the way work is performed, but also result in: A. frustration B. changes in work relationships and organizational structures C. control being transferred to upper levels within the organizations because of the upper echelon's access to more and better information D. richer forms of communication... View Full Document

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