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Business 82 Final REVIEW Chapters 11-18 The following questions were pulled from the test bank to provide a basis for preparation for a final exam. DO NOT MEMORIZE these questions as the exam may ask different questions about the same material. ____ 1. Comfi-Rester Furniture buys wood, padding, upholstery. and other inputs, and then cuts, sews, and assembles these materials in a way that results in high-quality, comfortable chairs and sofas. This process creates ___________ utility. a) place b) relationship c) production d) form ____ 2. EZ Eats is a local fast food restaurant that is open 24-7. Management guarantees that customers will be served within five minutes after placing an order for any item on its menu. EZ Eats is focusing on satisfying customers by providing a) selection utility. b) form utility. c) comparative utility. d) time utility. ____ 3. MyWays produces GPS navigation units. It sells these units online, over the phone, and in its own outlet stores. It also accepts all major credit cards and offers a variety of attractive financing arrangements and free shipping. All of these efforts show that MyWays is making a strong effort to provide ____________ utility. a) ownership b) transactional c) tracking d) cost ____ 4. Which of the following statements is most consistent with the marketing view of the relationship era? a) It is much less expensive to keep existing customers than it is to develop new customers. b) In this era of surging demand, the main focus should be on producing as much as possible. c) The key to success is to constantly expand the customer base by recruiting new buyers. d) The customer can have our product in any color, as long as it is gray. ____ 5. Johnson & Johnson communicates with individual customers through e-mail and toll-free access to a customer support phone center. They also have company representatives dedicated to developing close, ongoing relationships with large chain stores. This process demonstrates a) the application of both limited relationships and full partnership relationships. b) the similarity between perceived value and actual value. c) the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. d) the impact PERT has had on customer relationships. ____ 6. Gatyam Appliances is trying to build customer satisfaction. Which of the following strategies is most likely to help it achieve this goal? a) Overpromise on the quality and performance of the appliances in order to generate the greatest possible interest. b) Be very conservative, underpromising on product claims. It is better to have customers expect too little and end up being pleasantly surprised than to have them expect too much and end up being disappointed.... View Full Document

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