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Project Number 1 Section 02312 Heritage May 2003 Finish Grading SECTION 02312 FINISH GRADING PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Includes But Not Limited To 1. Perform finish grading work required to prepare site for installation of landscaping as described in Contract Documents. B. Related Sections 1. Section 02051- General Site Construction Requirements 2. Section 02230- Stripping and storing of existing topsoil 3. Section 02917- Soil amendments 1.2 REFERENCES A. American Society For Testing And Materials 1. ASTM 1557-91, Standard Test Method for Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Modified Effort 1.3 SUBMITTALS A. Quality Assurance / Control 1. Submit test on imported topsoil by licensed laboratory prior to use, using criteria on Owner Form 3332. Imported topsoil shall meet minimum specified requirements and be approved by Architect prior to use. 2. Submit report stating location of source of imported topsoil and account of recent use. 1.4 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Pre-Installation Conference- Participate in pre-installation conference specified in Section... View Full Document

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