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PLAN COMMUNICATION OUTLINE 1 Communication Plan Outline Holly Hyatt, Jessica Hanvey, Kevin Paro, Ashley Elliott BUS/475 January 23, 2012 Dr. Leah Raby COMMUNICATION PLAN OUTLINE 2 Abstract Team D has prepared a strategy for communicating business goals and current vision and mission statements to their employees, clients, and shareholders. Goals to provide our target audience with our latest vision and mission statement as well as provide information on our current services and products. Who is Your Audience? Investors (shareholders) Any person, company, or other institution that owns at least one share in a company. Company Employees Any individual who puts in their time and is compensated for that time within a company. Vendors The party in the supply chain that makes goods and services for the company. Customers Individuals that take advantage of the goods and services offered by the company. Communities Other businesses, schools, families, etc. that surround the company. Regulators Many forms of individuals that regulate the business to ensure they are running properly. Key Messages Vision, Mission, and Value Statements Mission Statements: 1. Look from the present to two years in the future 2. Define what the company does 3. Consider products, services, the market COMMUNICATION PLAN OUTLINE Vision Statements: 1. Look into the future at least five years 2. Define desired future Value Statements: 1. Expresses core beliefs 2. Establishes expectation of staff 3. Determines goals for the company Goals and Objectives Goals: 1. Related to customers 2. Related to sales 3. Related to employee morale 4. Anything the company wants to accomplish Objectives: 1. The companys strategic plan Community Relations How the company will interact with the public bring to in potential customers 3 COMMUNICATION PLAN OUTLINE 1. Community events 4 2. Volunteering 3. Donations 4. Sponsorship Change Agents have a presence or thought process that cause change from the traditional way of handling of thinking about a problem (Change Agent, 2012). Method of Communication and Delivery Emails describing the current mission and vision statements as well as the future vision and mission statements. Brochures detailing services offered, people who have used them, and who our company is and the direction we are going. Meetings are another great method for delivering the direction of the company and also getting feedback on the current policies and products. Radio ads are another way to get the word out on products and services and can reach a lot of people in a short time. Commercials advertising with commercials is a great way to reach audiences who dont listen to the radio or read the paper. Timeline and Frequency: Identify the time frame for effective communications and frequency. Investors (shareholders): Annually Company Employees: Monthly Vendors: Annually COMMUNICATION PLAN OUTLINE Customers: Quarterly 5 Communities: Semi Annually Regulators: Semi Annually Results: Our results will be measured by surveys and feedback from our target audience. We will ask for feedback on all forms of contact on how we can improve the products and services Sales: We will put codes in our brochures and emails which will help us track the benefits of emails and brochures and this will show in our sales totals. COMMUNICATION PLAN OUTLINE 6 References References: Change Agent. (2012). Retrieved from Strategic plan accessed at: ... View Full Document

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