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3 Week Discussion Question 4 After completing the activity, The Big Picture, answer the following questions: Did mapping help you understand the information you were reading? Do you think that this visual map will help you for the future in test preparation? Explain why or why not. Mapping the activity defiantly helped me understand the information that I was reading, and I can see how using this technique will help me to be better prepared for future tests. The big reason for this is that it can simplify a large text reading materials and break them down into smaller sections that are much easier to read and understand, as well the ability to retain the information and to further elaborate on the main points. Samantha, You are correct; not mapping much was introduced in high school. It would have been a great tool to have, I remember I used to have issues with long essays, if mapping was used it would have made it a lot easier to understand and to retain. Further more by using mapping we can actually cut down study time thus cover more reading before getting too tired. Do you think the use of mapping can help study faster? Kimberley, I do agree with you being prepared and having to do what it takes, and I think by planning things ahead would make things a lot easier to handle. It is true that as we get older we tend to lose some of our youth stamina, resulting in having to work extras hard to achieve our goals. Do you that the longer you do things, the better results you get? ... View Full Document

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