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BENG 100b: Frontiers in Biomedical Engineering Spring 2008 FINAL EXAMINATION May 7, 2008 INSTRUCTIONS: You have three hours to complete this exam. This is a closed book exam. You may use a calculator. Only work shown in the space provided will be graded. Partial credit will be given when warranted. The exam is worth a total of 100 points. Instructor: Mark Saltzman Department of Biomedical Engineering Yale University 1 Question 1. (20 points) Cardiovascular physiology As you know from our section meeting, blood pressure is measured using an inflatable cuff and a stethoscope. Describe how this blood pressure measurement works by answering the following questions: a) What happens in your arm as the inflatable cuff is pressurized? Why is it usually inflated to ~200 mmHg? b) Blood pressure is recorded as (systolic pressure)/(diastolic pressure), with a typical value of 120/80 (in mmHg). These pressures are determined by listening with a stethoscope as the pressure in the cuff is decreased. with a stethoscope as the pressure in the cuff is decreased.... View Full Document

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