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Being born female or male is a genetic feature but gender roles are something that is created socially. The portrayal of both men and women on TV is largely traditional and stereotypical. After viewing several TV shows, I noticed that most woman are characterized as being submissive, weak, and dependent. Men are portrayed as physically strong, aggressive, independent, and in control. I believe most shows on TV encourage a polarization of gender roles. The first show I watched was Mad Men. Women on the show are constantly searching for a man to marry and it is expected that they will quit their jobs to raise babies and do housework. The men on this show were not showing any emotions or even small moments of weaknesses. These men were focused on being successful at work so they could bring material things home to their family's. Salvatore Romano is the only gay man on this show. To fit in with his other coworkers, he has to pretend to be interested in woman and perform all of the other behaviors which are associated with masculitiny< span="">. Some of these behaviors are excessive other behaviors which are associated with masculitiny< span="">.... View Full Document

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