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CHEM 130 A.Bazell Fall 2007 StoichiometrySTUDENT.doc 8/28/07 Stoichiometry 1) When strontium solid combusts it forms strontium oxide. How many grams of strontium oxide are formed when 0.494 moles of strontium metal reacts with excess oxygen? 2) Aqueous zinc chlorate reacts with aqueous potassium phosphate in a double displacement reaction. How many grams of potassium phosphate are required to form 12.7 g of the precipitate? 3) How many grams of water are formed when 0.998 g of hydrochloric acid reacts with excess sodium hydroxide? 4) How many milligrams of precipitate are formed when reacting 12.05 g of barium chloride with an aqueous solution of silver nitrate? 5) How many milligrams of chromium nitrate are required to completely react with 0.433 g of ammonium sulfide? CHEM 130 A.Bazell Fall 2007 StoichiometrySTUDENT.doc 8/28/07 6) How many grams of precipitate, and how many grams of excess reagent would be left after reacting 2.99 g of lithium carbonate with 4.077 g of calcium acetate? 7) Use an estimate of how many miles you drive your car, calculate how many tons of carbon dioxide you release from your car as a result of the combustion of gasoline (octane, C 8 H 18 ). Assume the density of octane is 0.814 g/mL. ... View Full Document

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