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Running head: SEXUAL TECHNIQUES 1 Sexual Techniques Psychology 265 University of Phoenix SEXUAL TECHNIQUES 2 Sexual Techniques Sexual techniques included in or chapter readings are Masturbation may be practiced by manual stimulation of the genitals, perhaps with the aid of artificial stimulation, such as a vibrator. It may employ an object, such as a pillow or a dildo that touches the genitals. Masturbation by men refers to manipulation to the penis which results in an orgasm in one to two minutes. On the other hand females prefer to masturbate with objects, some females do not like objects and others do. Kissing is used for enjoyment or as a prelude to intercourse in which case it is a window to foreplay. Kissing may also be an affectionate gesture without erotic significance, as in kissing someone good-night. Touching is a common form of foreplay. Both men and women generally prefer manual or oral stimulation of the genitals as a prelude to intercourse. Stimulation of the breasts is a common role form of foreplay woman prefers it more than men. Oral stimulation of the male genitals which is called fellatio slang terms are blow job and sucking off. Oral stimulation of the female genitals is called cunnilingus, which is referred to by slang expressions such as eating (a woman) or going down on her. Some cultures and religions find masturbating wrong. No scientific study has been found that says masturbation is harmful. Masturbation is safer than having intercourse because you are not acceptable to diseases such as STDs.... View Full Document

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