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Creative Strategy Monday, February 20, 2012 10:05 AM You have a strategy. Now what? Strategy is how we get from where we are to where we want to be. How we actually get there requires tactics. Tactics come to life through creative development. o Creative teams create these tactics (Art Directors/Copywriters). o Account Planners and Account Managers communicate the strategy to the creative teams via a creative briefing. o The physical document that accompanies and guides the briefing is called the creative brief . 1 page long Used to inform, inspire and guide the communications development process Provides essential info to the creative team Brings the strategy to life Sparks creativity Anchors/focuses development ** A good creative brief is Based in thorough research and analysis Rooted in final, approved strategy (approved by the client) Brief Insightful Understandable - "Speak Human" Single-minded An idea generator Executable ** A good creative brief is NOT The first draft of creative execution A record of everything we know about the category, the consumer or the product o Bring your back-up info to the briefing - it does not belong on the brief Simply a piece of paper o Make it come alive! Be creative! o GET OUT OF THE OFFICE - unless you are creating an ad to sell office supplies to ad executives **Common Elements of a Creative Brief Goals and objectives o What are the goals/objectives of this particular campaign Ex) to increase brand awareness by 50% The challenge Strategy Target audience Key consumer insight Consumer challenges/barriers Single most important message Supporting messages Call to action Media vehicles Timing Budget considerations ... View Full Document

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