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ch07 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Both the width (or range) of the tax brackets (the amount of income taxed at a particular rate) in the tax rate schedules and the range of the tax rates in the tax rate schedules (the difference between the lowest tax rate and the highest tax rate) vary by filing status. True False 2. The tax rate schedules are set up to tax lower levels of income at higher tax rates than higher levels of income. True False 3. Tax rate schedules are provided for use by (relatively) higher income taxpayers while the tax tables are provided for use by (relatively) lower income taxpayers. True False 4. If a married couple has one primary breadwinner, filing a joint return will likely result in a marriage penalty. True False 5. If both spouses of a married couple earn roughly equivalent wages, the couple is likely to pay a marriage penalty due to the nature of the tax rate schedules. True False 6. A marriage penalty occurs when a couple pays more taxes by filing a joint tax return than they would have paid had they filed married filing separate returns. True False 7. All capital gains are taxed at preferential rates. True False 8. Long-term capital gains, dividends, and taxable interest income are all taxed at preferential rates. True False 9. In certain circumstances a child with very little income may have their income taxed at the parents' marginal tax rate. True False 10. The kiddie tax does not apply to children over 24 years old at the end of the tax year. True False 11. The alternative minimum tax system requires taxpayers to apply an alternative tax rate on the regular income tax base to determine the amount of the alternative minimum tax. True False 12. Regular taxable income is the starting point for determining the alternative minimum tax. ... View Full Document

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