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Fijany Sociology Layla 1: Pink Class Professor ODell 4 August 2010 Surreal: So Real The very last thing I remember was going to sleep in my bed last night. But where am I now? Nothing seemed different last night. I went to sleep like usual, around 11pm, falling asleep to the lines of the book I was reading. How can I be here? I was in my house, in my room, in my own bed, just last night. I dont understand how this could have happened, people only have bad dreams about changes like this happening to them. All I know is that this is not home. I dont like the feeling of the concrete pavement against my spine. Nor do I enjoy the cold, brisk wind against my fingers and toes, which have already begun to turn yellow. No blood circulation. I hope I figure out how this happened to me soon, before I have to endure it for much longer. I had always imagined what it would have been like to be homeless, you know, the stereotypical ones in L.A. or New York that people always talk about. But no imagination could be more real than where I am and how I feel. I wonder how long I have been sitting on this street corner. I cant even begin to imagine how many of my friends and other people I know have seen me like this. Thinking about it is even scaring me. What would they think of me? Would they even talk to me again? I think I have only been awake for fifteen minutes or so, and I already know that the clothes on my back will not keep me warm to last the day. I would never in my life walk this Earth in the clothes that I am somehow wearing right now. And the shirt that Im wearing is one of those mens cotton tshirts with some sort of writing print on it. The shirt looks like it was a dogs chew toy. Great. I finally figured out the words on the shirt. Ironically they say, Habitat for Humanity: A Great Cause. Well I sure am I lost cause out on this street alone with no home, no place to call my own. I dont have a penny in my pocket, how in the world am I going to get a job looking like this? No employer would take me seriously in these clothes. I need to find a way to eat, a place to sleep and a way to survive living this way. But the only job I even have a pity chance of being considered for would be the low wage jobs like a dishwasher in a restaurant. Thats only minimum wage with no benefits and the hours are probably horrible. This isnt fair, how am I supposed to live off only minimum wage in America. And even if the pay was more, if I had to live like this for much longer, what am I supposed to do about my retirement or my health insurance. Nothing could make up for those lack of benefits not even a raise in the hourly wage, because hours are not consistent and week vary to week. Plus, any type of treatment in a hospital would easily cost thousands of dollars. Now, I have no security in a job, my net worth is zero, with no prestige in society, no opportunity for education, no safe job environment, with little happiness I will be stressing over when I will make my next paycheck, and worst of all, my death will not be remembered. Even if I get paid minimum wage, how can I even afford living in a studio apartment, or anywhere for that matter. I need to find a place thats less than 300 dollars a month, to even have extra money leftover for food. But, there are no places to live with that low of a payment. How can this be? If this is real life, then there are definitely no real options for me. What am I supposed to do live on the street for the rest of my life? The only other places I could go would be the homeless shelter, but those are so rare and already over the admittance limit. So basically I have no options as to where I can live. If I could flashback to yesterday, life would have been so much easier. For one, I would be warmer with no worries of getting sick, I could actually be taken seriously for a job, my boyfriend would still be with me, I would be able to finish school and graduate, and most of all, I would be happy with my family. More time has gone by and more people are walking by me. This is not good. All they do is walk by, stare, and then whisper to the people they are with. They probably think I decided to live this way, and that since we live in America that I have an equal chance to live the American Dream with hard work. But, I dont have a choice and there is only so much I can do to even slightly increase my social class in the smallest way. The people in the business suits walking by look at me in pity. I can just tell by that they all think Im too lazy to find a job. This society has created a ranking system that places people in a hierarchy, a social stratification, and I never realized what it felt like to be at the bottom. I know realize that I wont have the same opportunities in life as I did before, just because of my present ranking. I cant believe that just because I am in the lowest class of society, among the homeless, that it will be practically impossible to making it to the middle class with a stable life. All I wish for is happiness in my life, but with no money how can I truly achieve this state of mind? Although I am in America, the Land of Opportunity, my opportunities are limited. With little chance of movement within societies hierarchy, all I can do is get up every morning hoping to find work, somehow make ends meet, and then wake up and do it all again. ... View Full Document

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