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Consider the following scenario: Develop a written proposal outlining a specific product or service idea you have as the product manager for Triangle Solutions. Triangle's company type and product area have been left unspecified in order to allow you creativity in invention of your own product ideas and exploration of areas of interest in the market. You may not use the same area or idea used in previous assignments. Be sure to include the following in your response: 1. In the proposal, make a case for your new Triangle Solutions product that clearly states the need in the market, the pain points felt by customers, and the solution the new product will deliver. Introduction Triangle solution will provide online training services on Business start-up services and Minority Business certification subjects. We will provide following A Forum of Highly Qualified experts A Training and Certification platform An Electronic Enterprise delivery platform An Training Content creation and Accretion platform Our Mission is to Demystifying the red tape and to provide high-quality business start-up and minority business certification content to firm around the U.S. Experts will be mainly from low cost English speaking countries like India. Company will use the modern technologies to cater to its customers. Market and Consumer needs 1) There is a great need of cost effective training and certification methodology as class room learning is becoming expensive. Moreover, the U.S. economy is affected now by recession and contraction in GDP. Right now US economy is facing severe recession as U.S. gross domestic contraction in GDP.... View Full Document

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