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Mona Shen 4B Due August 29 th , 2010 Editorial Current Event Title of Editorial 1: Egg Factory Source: Nytimes Date Printed: Aug. 28th Title of Editorial 2: Time to Unscramble Food Safety System Source: CNN Date Printed: Aug. 25th Topic Overview A hot topic currently buzzing around the news world is the egg recall. A salmonella outbreak has led to the recall of half a billion, most of which are from an egg factory known as Wright County Egg. Fingers have been pointing to numerous parties, some of which are government agencies. This specific health concern leads to a broad issue: government regulation in the economy. America boasts a mixed economy based on free-market trading and limited government regulation. The egg recall challenges the limited government regulation aspect. With this news outbreak, the pressure is on for the Senate to revise and update the 70-year-old Federal Food, ... View Full Document

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