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NAME__________________________ AP World History Chapter 12 Study Guide Reunification & Renaissance in Chinese Civilization: Era of Tang & Song Dynasty 1) How long was the Era of Divisions, time between the Han and Sui Dynasties? 2) What religion/philosophy flourish, because of this period of chaos? 3) What time period did the Era Divisions compare to? Do you remember how Qin had to get it under control ? 4) How did Wendi rise to power? 5) What did Wendi do at the beginning of his reign that was typical of a new dynasty? 6) What did Yangdi, Wendis successor, continue that would contribute to and consolidate his empire? 7) What were some of the things Yangdi began to do to signal the end of a dynasty? 8) Who rose to power to create the Tang Dynasty? 9) Who dominated power-wise during the Tang and why? 10) Who was the biggest threat? How did they handle them? 11) What did this dynasty do that is typical early dynasty behavior? 12) What role did the nomadic people have in the empire? 13) How did the Tang handle the nomadic people in order to keep them in check? Not like the Romans. 14) Who did they finally bring back under their control?... View Full Document

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