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Note to self about report requirements:- Include the problems you saw and what we could do to improve the flow of information and communications between the departments- Addresses how you might interconnect our departments and any proposed systems- Discuss any use of databases and associated database tools- Include how we can leverage Business Intelligence (BI) to produce meaningful information and decision making systems to help us keep costs low and increase profits First thing that is a huge problem is that there is now information that is being shared between the departments. First thing that needs to be happen is that a network needs to be put into place. This will let each of the departments share information. Putting a server would allow the flow of information between the departments. This would then allow a database could then start collection all the information. With the database a data warehouse can be used to store all the current and historical data and standardizes all that information. current and historical data and standardizes all that information.... View Full Document

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