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McGraw-Hill/Irwin The McGraw-Hill Companies, All Rights Reserved CHAPTER 11 Building a Customer-Centric OrganizationCustomer Relationship Management 11-2 LEARNING OUTCOMES 11.1 Compare operational and analytical customer relationship management 11.2 Identify the primary forces driving the explosive growth of customer relationship management 11.3 Define the relationship between decision making and analytical customer relationship management 11.4 Summarize the best practices for implementing a successful customer relationship management system 11-3 CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) CRM enables an organization to: Provide better customer service Make call centers more efficient Cross sell products more effectively Help sales staff close deals faster Simplify marketing and sales processes Discover new customers Increase customer revenues 11-4 RECENCY, FREQUENCY, AND MONETARY VALUE An organization can find its most valuable customers by using a formula that ... View Full Document

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