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Jenelle Ferguson Dr. Carin Lightner February 7, 2012 Red Fish, Blue Fish, LLP Fran Fisher, owner of Red Fish, Blue Fish was a TV personality as a broadcaster of college sports. He had a small media consulting firm that was starting to decline due to other media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook. Fisher was considering taking on a new venture opportunity by making a hobby into a lucrative business. His hobby in collecting exotic fish and displaying them in large tanks throughout his office was well known. Several of Frans friends started asking for advice about buying these exotic fishes and the necessary equipment needed for setup. After Fisher successfully finished Andy Zimmerman, a local dentist office, he started receiving more inquiries from other local businesses. Fishers main supplier for fish and equipment was China. Fishers nephew Eric Lynch joined the business to provide his expertise on logistics and supply chain. After three years, Eric was now vice president for global supply chain management and he had a lot to do with the growth of the business. Business sales have quadrupled and they have extended sales into the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC markets. ... View Full Document

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