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1 ACTIVITY 1 QUIZ Question 1 0.17 out of 0.17 points 7 Down: Inappropriate recognition of self-antigens Answer Selected Answer: Autoimmunity Question 2 0.17 out of 0.17 points 2 Down: Cells that eliminate microbes Answer Selected Answer: Effector Question 3 0.17 out of 0.17 points 5 Down: Glycoproteins that recognize and neutralize many different types of microbial molecules, including carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins (plural) Answer Selected Answer: Antibodies Question 4 0.16 out of 0.16 points 2 4 Across: Nonspecific reaction to invasion by pathogen, antigenic challenge or physical damage Answer Selected Answer: Inflammation Question 5 0.16 out of 0.16 points 12 Across: Regulated cell death Answer Selected Answer: Apoptosis Question 6 0.17 out of 0.17 points 24 Across: This organ raises the body's temperature when stimulated by endogenous pyrogens released by white blood cells to prevent colonization of viruses and bacteria Answer Selected Answer: Hypothalamus Question 7 0.17 out of 0.17 points 18 Down: Cascading protein system that can stimulate both adaptive and innate immune responses Answer 3 Selected Answer: Complement Question 8 0.16 out of 0.16 points 6 Across: Medical method to produce active immunity Answer Selected Answer: Vaccine Question 9 0.17 out of 0.17 points 17 Across: Immunity mediated by antibodies Answer Selected Answer: Humoral Question 10 0.17 out of 0.17 points 16 Down: Property of adaptive immunity for recognition of diverse antigens Answer Selected Answer: Specificity Question 11 4 0.16 out of 0.16 points 1 Across: Type of host defense that mediates the initial protection against infections and is always present in healthy individuals (2 words) Answer Selected Answer: Innate Immunity Question 12 0.17 out of 0.17 points 19 Down: Short-lived immunity used to rapidly confer protection before individual can mount an immune response to the infection Answer Selected Answer: Passive Question 13 0.17 out of 0.17 points 20 Across: Enhanced adaptive immune response to repeated exposures to the same antigens Answer Selected Answer: Memory Question 14 0.17 out of 0.17 points 5 8 Down: Disease or damage caused by the immune system Answer Selected Answer: Immunopathology Question 15 0.17 out of 0.17 points 11 Down: 5 signs of acute inflammation Answer ... View Full Document

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