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1. Is Sol Levin running a business just like any other business, or is his company open to moral criticism? Defend your answer by appeal to moral principle. Sol Levin is running a business like any other business person in the world I think the type of business he is in open to moral criti- cism. I found it hard to make the same decisions. In the world I live in, blood is life and you give the life for free. If I were firefighter, I would pledge to lay my life for an- other. Thus this idea is foreign to me. 2. Did plasma international strike a fair bargain with the West Africans who supplied their blood to the company? Or is plasma guilty of exploit- ing them in some way? Plasma international purchased blood from poor South African people for fifteen cents to the pint. They then sold it here in the United States for up to twenty five dollars per pint. A fair market value could have been paid at the rate it would have been paid in the United States. 3. What are the contrasting ideals of the British and U.S. blood systems? 3.... View Full Document

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