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Abstract of Brian Lavery (2006). Going to Dublin. Retrieved on March 11, 2011 from Dublin is a bland place and was always bland even during Irelands economic boom. When Ireland was doing its best, it was still a boring place. The goodness of Dublin was hard to find because there were so many offices and apartments. Any warmth of the city was missing and hiding behind the office buildings that were making money for Dublin. Not only was the city unpleasant but the people were undesirable too because instead of going to work, they stayed on the crowded streets. The streets were not crowded in a good way but rather overly crowded with disagreeable people. There is an abundance of British franchises. People did not want to be associated with Dublin. People wanted to move away as soon as they could. Now, however, Dublin is more sophisticated. Dublin is now improving and becoming a better place to be. Dublin has more nationalism. The cuisine and fashion is better now. People are even more mature and stylish as they wear cuisine and fashion is better now.... View Full Document

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