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Wk 1 DB 1 I think Tampa, Florida is the best place to live in the United States. The weather there is tropical and best of all it never snows. There is actually no real need for cold weather gear. I wear shorts and short sleeve shirts year-round. My personal favorite it the nightlife, which is awesome for any age 18 and up. The three main party areas are Channelside, Ybor, and downtown Tampa. If you are into Rap, Hip-hop, R&B, Reggaeton, Merengue, or Salsa Tampa has it. Tampa also has the Dallas Bull for the country guys and girls. Furthermore, there are many big name sport franchises in Tampa too. There are the Buccaneers (professional football), the Rays (professional baseball), the Lightning (professional hockey), and the Storm (arena football).... View Full Document

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