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Scenario 1 : Steve recently purchased a new computer from the local electronics outlet. Now, 3 months after buying his new computer, his monitor is frozen and will not restart without unplugging the machine. He tells you that all of his family photos have been saved on the hard drive and that it is imperative for you to retrieve them. In this type of scenario I would want to first build a rapport with the customer to help insure him that everything is going to be alright. When thinking about it I would be rather upset as well if I bought a new computer and had something similar happen to me. So I would talk with the customer about this and explain that I understand where they are coming from and I will do everything in my power to assist them. I would first ask him if when he bought the computer if it came with any type of warranty. Depending on how he responds depends on how I help solve the problem. If it turns out that he still has a warranty then I would suggest that he gets in contact with manufacturer. To see what he needs to do to send the computer back to be fixed. No point with manufacturer.... View Full Document

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