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TQM Quizzes Quiz 1 There are 2 pages in this exam: Page: 1 2 1. Question: (TCO 1) At the organizational level, quality concerns should center on meeting the requirements of the ________. Your Answer: internal customer engineers and designers external customer CORREC T top executives Instructor Explanation: (See p. 29) Points Received: 2 of 2 2. Question: (TCO 1) The creation of separate quality departments in the early 1900s caused ________ Your Answer: indifference to quality among workers managers. upper management to be more knowledg quality. had no effect on the quality of the produc customer received . production efficiency to decline. Instructor Explanation: (See p.5) Points Received: 2 of 2 3. Question: (TCO 1) Which of the following is NOT considered a core principle of total quality? Your Answer: a focus on customers and stakeholders a process focus involving continuous imp learning cost cutting to improve short-term pro companywide participation and teamwork Instructor Explanation: (See p. 19) Points Received: 2 of 2 4. Question: (TCO 1) Which of the following is a criticism of the product-based definition of quality? Your Answer: Quality is often mistakenly assumed to to price. Not all products are fit for use. Consumers frequently confuse products w Product-based quality cannot be defined just know it when you see it. Instructor Explanation: (See p. 13) Points Received: 2 of 2 5. Question: (TCO 1) My friend said to me, Recently, I bought a pair of shoes. I wore them for a few days but noticed the laces would not stay tied. I took the shoes back to the store, but the clerk said the laces were fine. I wont buy that brand of shoe again. Which of the following types of quality did my friend use to judge the shoes as being of low quality? Your Answer: user-based CORRECT ANSWER value-based product-based judgmental INCORRECT Instructor Explanation: (See p. 13) Points Received: 0 of 2 6. Question: (TCO 2) Which of the following are considered to be two critical components of quality systems in service industries? Your Answer: information systems and technical standa employees and information systems. production equipment and employees. employees and inspection processes. Instructor Explanation: (See p. 61) Points Received: 2 of 2 7. Question: (TCO 2) Which of the following is NOT generally true about service organizations? Your Answer: Customers often are involved in the servi Services are capital intensive.... View Full Document

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