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Statistics Lab Week 4 MATH221 Statistical Concepts: Probability Binomial Probability Distribution Calculating Binomial Probabilities Open a new MINITAB worksheet. We are interested in a binomial experiment with 10 trials. First, we will make the probability of a success . Use MINITAB to calculate the probabilities for this distribution. In column C1 enter the word success as the variable name (in the shaded cell above row 1. Now in that same column, enter the numbers zero through ten to represent all possibilities for the number of successes. These numbers will end up in rows 1 through 11 in that first column. In column C2 enter the words one fourth as the variable name. Pull up Calc > Probability Distributions > Binomial and select the radio button that corresponds to Probability . Enter 10 for the Number of trials: and enter 0.25 for the Event probability: . For the Input column: select success and for the Optional storage: select one fourth. Click the button OK and the probabilities will be displayed in the Worksheet. Now we will change the probability of a success to . In column C3 enter the words one half as the variable name. Use similar steps to that given above in order to calculate the probabilities for this column. The only difference is in Event probability: use 0.5.... View Full Document

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