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Peng 7/11/11 Psychology Joseph 100 Optical Illusion The optical illusion that I decided to tackle is titled Darwin Illusion. In this particular scenario, one has to stare at the tiny red dot at the dead center of the image for at least ten seconds. Afterward, simply move the mouse to the image and the image will immediately dissipate, leaving a white blank space for the after image to be visualized. The optical illusion utilized the concept of gestalt psychology, states which that the whole is differnt from the sum of its parts. In the actual image, one can see that there are two monkeys fighting or playing very violently. However, when the image dissipates, one actually perceive a persons face in the blank space provided. From the pictures itself, the monkeys are the components that make up the face, or the whole. In this case, one can clearly see that the end product as a whole is not exactly the same as its parts. ... View Full Document

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