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OB-MATERNITYANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION:1.State the objective signs that signify ovulation -abundant, thin, clear cervical mucus; open cervical os; slight drop in BBT and then 0.5-1.0 F rise; ferning under the microscope 2.Ovulation occurs how many days before the next menstrual period? -14 days. 3.State three ways to identify the chronological age of a pregnancy (gestation)? -10 lunar months, 9 calendar months consisting of 3 trimesters of 3 months each, 40 weeks, 280 days. 4.What maternal position provides optimum fetal maternal/placental perfusion during pregnancy? -The knee-chest position, but the ideal position of COMFORT for the mother which supports fetal/maternal/placental perfusion is the side-lying position off the abdominal vessels (vena cava, aorta) 5.Name the major discomforts of the first trimester and one suggestion for amelioration of each. -Nausea and vomiting: crackers before rising. Fatigue: teach the need for rest periods/naps and 7-8 hours sleep at night. 6.If the first day of a womans last normal menstrual period was May 28, what is the estimated delivery date (EDD) using Nageles rule? -Count back 3 months and add 7 days: March 7 (always give February 28 days). 7.At twenty weeks gestation, the fundal height would be ______ , the fetus would weigh approximately _______ and look like _____ . -At the umbilicus; 300-400 grams; a baby with hair, lanugo and verniz, but without subcutaneous fat. 8.State the normal psychosocial responses to pregnancy in the 2ndtrimester -Ambivalence wanes and acceptance of pregnancy occurs; pregnancy becomes real; signs of maternal-fetal bonding occur. 9.Hemodilution of pregnancy peaks at ______ weeks and results in a/an ______ in a womens Hct. -28-32 weeks; increase in Hct 10.State three principles relative to the PATTERN of weight gain in pregnancy. -Total gain should average 24-30 lbs. Gain should be consistent throughout pregnancy. An average of 0.9 lb/week should be gained in the 2nd& 3rdtrimester. trimester.... View Full Document

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