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Chapter 12. Ch 12-10 Build a Model a. What are the forecasted levels of notes payable and special dividends? Key Input Data: Used in the forecast Tax rate 40% Dividend growth rate 8% 9% 11% December 31 Income Statements: (in thousands of dollars) Forecasting 2010 2011 2011 2010 basis Ratios Inputs Forecast Sales $455,150 Growth Expenses (excluding depr. & amort.) $386,878 % of sales EBITDA $68,273 Depreciation and Amortization $14,565 % of fixed assets EBIT $53,708 Net Interest Expense $11,880 Interest rate x beginning of year debt EBT $41,828 Taxes (40%) $16,731 Net Income $25,097 Common dividends (regular dividends)... View Full Document

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