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LSTD 302 CRIMINAL LAW FINAL EXAM Question1of30 2.5Points The unintentional killing of a human being is: A.firstdegreemurder B.voluntarymanslaughter C.seconddegreemurder D.involuntarymanslaughter Reset Selection Question2of30 2.5Points The unlawful, unintentional killing of another human being is considered the most serious criminal offense. A.True B.False Reset Selection Question3of30 2.5Points Corpus delicti means the body or substance of a crime. A.True B.False Reset Selection Question4of30 2.5Points The year and a day rule states under common law that a person could not be convicted of murder unless the victim died within a year and a day from the wrongful act. A.True B.False Reset Selection Question5of30 2.5Points A felony murder conviction requires a showing of malice or deliberate intent to kill. A.True B.False Reset Selection Question6of30 2.5Points Defenses to a charge of touching or phsyical contact could be: A.itwasaccidential B.therewasconsent C.itwasbasedonnecessity D.alloftheabove Reset Selection Question7of30 2.5Points Sexual relations become a crime in the United States if: A.Thereisalackofconsent B.theyareperformedinpublic C.theyarewithaminorincapableoflegallyconsenting D.alloftheabove Reset Selection Question8of30 2.5Points There must be a breaking under the model penal code to have a burglary. There must be a breaking under the model penal code to have a burglary.... View Full Document

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