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1 1. The project closure process includes all of the following except: Shutting down resources and releasing to new uses Reassigning project team members Conduct an audit Getting delivery acceptance from the customer Closing accounts and seeing all bills are paid 1 2 1. When the project may be completed early with some parts of the project eliminated this is considered to be ___________ closure. Normal Premature Perpetual Changed Priority Failed Project 1 3 1. Many projects will fail because of circumstances beyond the control of the project team is called: Normal Premature Perpetual Failed Project Changed Priority 1 4 1. Corrective actions that should take place (such as shifting to more resilient building material) would typically appear in the _____ section of the final project report. Analysis Recommendations Classification of project Lessons learned Strategic objectives 1 5 1. What is not a wrap-up closure activity? Facilities Vendors Customer Profit report Report 1 6 1. The ideal scenario is to have the team member's next assignment ready when project completion is announced. 1 7 1. A 360-degree performance evaluation includes feedback from peers, project managers, subordinates, and even customers. 1 8 1. Project closures can fall into all of the following categories except: Premature Perpetual Failed Changed priority All of these are categories for project closure 1 9 1. In the Snapshot from Practice, New Balls Goes Flat in NBA, is an example of a project gone wrong when the _______ is/are not consulted. Manufacture Equipment and facilities managers End-users Project manager The Fans 1 10 1.... View Full Document

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