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Axia College Material Appendix B History Matrix Directions : Using the matrix, list at least five events or major concepts from each of the three periods in the history of modern personality psychology . 1930 - 1950 1950 - 1970 1970 - Present American Psychologist formulated concepts by studying the very basic molecular elements of organism behavior. Personality studied the problems of human motivation, such as urges and internal prompting. American Psychology was Nomothetic. It looked for discoveries and tested the principles and laws of behavior. Personality studied how people were different and how they were similar. Personality psychologist proposed comprehensive conceptual systems to help understand people. Mischel argued against ideas based on internal personality traits and in favor of situational, cognitive, or learning determinants of behavior. Psychology departments grew and became more specialized, spawning professional specializations in such personality-related areas as clinical, ... View Full Document

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