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1. For a conversation between two people to be considered "therapy," all BUT WHICH of the following must be involved? B. A fee paid for the service 2. Telling your friend about a clients dysfunctional relationship, but leaving out the clients name and any other information (like his job, his age or where he lives) that may identify your client would be a breach of confidentiality. False 3. Which approach to therapy views humans as neither "good" nor "bad," but merely a product of their environment? D. Behavioral theory 4. A good psychological theory should do all BUT WHICH of the following? B. All of these things should be done by a good psychological theory. 5. A multiple role is: C. being both a counselor and something else (like a business associate) to a client. 6. Eysenck's 1952 article on the effectiveness of therapy concluded that: B. no evidence supported the effectiveness of therapy. 7. Which approach to therapy focuses on helping the client tap into her or his natural capacity for personal growth? E. Person-centered theory 8. YAVIS would fall under which category of common therapeutic factors? D. Extratherapeutic change 9. The unconditional positive regard that the therapist holds toward the client is considered a component of which common therapeutic factor? A. Therapeutic relationship 10. Which approach to therapy involves a neutral to pessimistic view of human nature and focuses on the importance of early childhood relationships? D. Psychoanalytic/psychodynamic/obje ct relations theory... View Full Document

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