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THEO 202 Q UIZ 3 S TUDY G UIDE Towns: pp. 555618 Know the five reasons why the study of anthropology (from a biblical perspective) is important. Anthropology interrelates to other major Christian doctrines . Suggesting, of course that anthropology complements other doctrines and without it the theologian cannot construct a consisted theological system. The doctrine of man is important because it is a point wher bilbiccal revelation and humans concerns coverage. Anthropology has achieved greater importance due to a great deal of attention givien it by various intellectual dsciplines. Because of the present crisis in mans self understanding the study of anthropology is important Ones perspective of anthropology will determine how he will minister to his fellow man. Be able to define and distinguish between the following four approaches to origins: a. Fiat Creationism : Fiat creationism holds that God, by direct acts, brought into being virtually everything that exists. ... View Full Document

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