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how Discuss art was used as a vehicle for propaganda, and whether such use is present in the works of Hch, Grosz, and Picasso. Use one example from Gardner's Art through the Ages and one from the Internet Art was used as a propaganda to influence its public to a certain feelings or observation of a certain subject. Artist would paint their thoughts and feelings about the situation instead of the actual situation. A good example of this is the current presidential election postings and ads or even commercials. Artists and/or individuals will in order to persuade you to understand and agree a to certain side will place different words and aspects in the painting. In Hochs photomontage you will see it present the viewer with chaotic, contradictory and satiric compositions (kleiner 2010). In this she portrayed the redefinition of womans social roles and the explosive growth of mass print media. With. In works from Grosz you will see how he showed his feelings about the military but drawing them as skeletons in his drawing called fit for service this was portraying the military as heartless and incompetent and making it as though no matter what they send you out on the field. ... View Full Document

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