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3.7 Task time estimates for a production line setup project at Robert Klassens Ontario factory are as follows: Immediate Activity Time (in hours) Predecessors A 6 B 7.2 C 5 A D 6 B, C E 4.5 B, C F 7.7 D G 4 E, F a) Draw the project network using AON. b) Identify the critical path. Critical Path = A C D F G c) What is the expected project length? Expected Project length = 28.7 hours E1= 0 L1= 0 E6= 6 L6= 6 A 6 C 5 5 F D E,4 E7= 17 L7= 17 6 B E3= 0 L3= 3.8 7.2 7.2 E5= 11 L5= 11 E2= 11 L2= 20.2 G 7.7 4.5 E7= 24.7 L7= 24.7 Stop 4 E5= 28.7 L5= 28.7 3.15 The following is a table of activities associated with a project at Bill Figg Enterprises, their durations and what activities each must precede: Activity Duration (weeks) Precedes A (start) 1 B, C B 1 E C 4 F E 2 F F (end) 2 a) Draw an AON diagram of the project, including activity durations 1 week 2 week 1 week 4 week 2 week b) Define the critical path, listing all critical activities in chronological order.... View Full Document

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