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Chasity Thompson Date of Experiment: October 4, 2011 Report Submitted: October 4, 2011 Title: Simple Machine - Lever Purpose: The experiment was designed to calculate the efficiency of a machine by constructing first, second, and third class levers and testing different loads using a spring scale to measure force and the mechanical advantage of the levers. Procedure: We used a yard stick, metric ruler, 500 gram spring scale, pencil, quarters, paper cup, string, and different objects of different weight to measure the mechanical advantage of first, second, and third class levers. Data Tables: Data Table 1: Fulcrum at 15 cm Trial Load (Mass) Distance from Load from Fulcrum Effort (Mass) Distance of Effort from Fulcrum Ratio: Effort Distance/Loa d Distance Trial 1 1 quarter 19 cm 1 quarter 10 cm .52 Trial 2 2 quarters 19 cm 1 quarter 6 cm .31 Trial 3 3 quarters 19 cm 1 quarter 3cm .15 Trial 4 4 quarters 19 cm 1 quarter .05 cm .002 Data Table 2: First Class Lever, Fulcrum at .46 m Trial Load (Mass, N) Load Distance, m Effort Force, N Effort Distance, m M.A.... View Full Document

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