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Appendix C PSY/202 Version 3 1 Associate Level Material Appendix C Psychotherapy Matrix Directions: Review Modules 34 and 36 of Psychology and Your Life . After reviewing the major classifications of psychological disorders, select three approaches to summarize. Include examples of the types of psychological disorders appropriate for each therapy. PSY/202 {Psychodynamic Therapy } {Behavioral Therapy } {Cognitive Therapy} Summary of Approach Therapy that seeks to bring unresolved past conflicts and unacceptable impulses from the unconscious into the conscious, where patients may deal with problems more effectively Treatment approaches that build on basic processes of learning, such as reinforcement and extinction, and assume that normal and abnormal behavior are both learned Treatment approaches that teach people to think in more adaptive ways by changing their dysfunctional cognitions about the world and themselves Disorders appropriate for this therapy Numerous mood disorders such as Bi-polar Depression mania ADHD OCD Disruptive behavior disorder Emotional behavior disorder anxiety Amnesia Dementia Delirium Depression Bipolar PSTD... View Full Document

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