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DuBois says his objective is to represent what it is like to be black in America at the beginning of the 20 th century. He does this because he believes that race is the central problem of the century to come. SO-CALLED Emancipation How does it feel to be a problem? AAs are defined based upon how others view them and have no other way to create a personal identity. This is what created the veil between the AAs world (where someone defines his identity for him) and the white mans world (full of opportunities). How can one be black and American when Americans have taken away so many black freedoms? For DuBois, literacy was more important than freedom because then he can see how his race is portrayed by whites. Literacy provides knowledge. 1863- Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves. 1864- Freedmens Bureau established to assist slaves with transitioning into a free life. The Bureaus major success was educating the freed slaves. Free elementary education in the South even success was educating the freed slaves.... View Full Document

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