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Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points) The ethnic group forming a significant part of the commercial class in Southeast Asia are the: A) Indians B) Japanese C) Singaporeans D) Thais E) Chinese Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points) A former Portuguese colony which is the newest nation in Southeast Asia is: A. Macau B. East Timor C. Philippines D. Papua New Guinea E. Laos Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points) Large-scale population clusters in Southeast Asia exist in all but which of the following areas? A) lower valleys of major rivers B) deltas of major rivers C) zones of plantation development in Malaysia D) areas of volcanic soil in the islands E) interior highland regions Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points) . The largest Muslim country in the world in terms of population is: A) Bangladesh B) Iran C) Pakistan D) Indonesia E) Nigeria Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points) The two eastern provinces of Malaysia are: A. Sarawak and Sabah B. Borneo and Sumatera (Sumatra) C. Singapore and Malaya d. Brunei and Sabah e. Brunei and Singapore Question 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points) The colonial power that lost the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 was: A) the United States B) Portugal C) France D) Japan E) the United Kingdom Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points) Which of the following was not colonized by the Dutch? ... View Full Document

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