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Running head: UNDERSTANDING FOOD LABELS 1 Understanding Food Labels Melissa Fulcher SCI/241 Nutrition Friday May 18, 2012 Aurora Merry UNDERSTANDING FOOD LABELS 2 Understanding Food Labels The 5/20 rule is a simple and quick way for consumers to know if a product is healthy. The rule is simple, 5% of the daily value for an ingredient or 20%. If a product has 5% or more of ingredients such as calcium, vitamins, and even carbohydrates in some cases, it is a good source for those nutrients. If a product has higher percentages of sodium and saturated fat compared to vital nutrients, it is not a healthy food source. Food labels are set up so that people can compare food sources at a glance. The first item on every food label is the serving size and serving per package/container. This is important information because it allows a person to track the calories, fat, and nutrients they are consuming per meal correctly. Amounts listed by serving and by container/package can be extremely helpful in accurately determining what amounts they are consuming. The information pertaining to in accurately determining what amounts they are consuming.... View Full Document

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