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Riordan Manufacturing Company produces high quality global plastic injection moldings. However, Riordan must keep up with competitors in the industry, Riordan will benefit from having a compliance plan in place for all bellwethers to follow in regards to protecting the companies licit aspects, and licit liabilities, as well as how these bellwethers should handle such situations. Riordan Manufacturing Companies Boards of Directors have many responsibilities to oversee all management activities, along with business affairs, which comply with all state requisites for all corporations, by-laws, and Articles of Incorporation. According to (Riordan Manufacturing Corporate Governance Plan, 2012, p.1), the encompassing role of the board is to govern and manage the affairs of the Company for the benefit of shareholders. This orchestration shall help prepare employees for the obviation of licit disputes with given ADR methods. Furthermore, this orchestration briefly addresses both product and enterprise liability, along with information on both tangible and intellectual property, Riordans current forms of business, international law, and governance. ADR Methods Like most other corporations, Riordan Manufacturing focuses both time and money into providing both their customers and employees with a high quality accommodation. When licit matters come to Riordans attention, the company fixates on resolving these issues in both a quick and effective manner. This company also takes pride in their efforts of maintaining the highest standards in both their ethical and licit standpoints. This is one main reason Riordan Manufacturing has Litteral & Finkel law firm on retainer, to address the company on all licit matters or issues, which present themselves to the company. However, to keep a sense of both flexibility and privacy at all times, Riordan requires that all vendors, and company employees to sign a contract, which has an ADR clause, which states that all licit matters must use either arbitration or mediation to endeavor and settle the issue before going to court. This also helps Riordan reduce the amount of funds they will be obliged to spend on licit, court, and other fees in regards to these matters. If the employee or vendor seems to find a licit issue, which he or she requires to, address with the Riordan Company, this individual must contact Riordans licit counsel to file a grievance in regards to the licit issue. Once this step is complete, the company licit counsel will contact the AAA (American Arbitration Association) to obtain an arbitrator to settle the matter. However, if the individual wishes to utilize a form of mediation to endeavor to settle this issue, they must contact the licit counsel of Riordan to settle on a third party to oversee the present licit issue. It seems that more and more companies use ADR methods to settle licit issues; however, in some cases mediation is a preferred method to settle licit issues with businesses.some cases mediation is a preferred method to settle licit issues with businesses.... View Full Document

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