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University of Phoenix Material ARTS 100- Week Two DANCE COMPARISON MATRIX BALLET (2 EXAMPLES) FOLK (2 EXAMPLES) JAZZ (2 EXAMPLES) MODERN (2 EXAMPLES) Jazz: Boogie-woogie and Moonwalk Description: The Boogie-woogie is a piano and bass style of dance. This dance does not consist of formalized movements because the lines are not formal form. The dance also involves repetition of very quick footwork. Dancers of the Boogie-woogie express their movements at their own pace, and they often switch dance partners at sporadic intervals. (Pouska, 2004) (BOOGIE WOOGIE, YouTube) The Moonwalk is also a piano and bass style of dance. However, this dance can be done in any particular part of a song and is often used spontaneously in a dance. This dance is an illusion to the audience to make it seem like the performer is walking forwards but instead moving backwards. There are no formal lines in this dance, but the form is repeated to give the illusion of continuously walking backwards. (Mariposal, 2012)backwards.... View Full Document

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