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ACCTG 225 Widdison 1:30 T/Th Quiz 5A Chapters 11 & 12 December 2, 2011 Student Name : ______ SOLUTION______________________________ Score: _______/15 Quiz Section: (Circle your TA/section) Kalen Carney: 10:30 11:30 Adam Ware: 8:30 9:30 You have 25 minutes to complete this quiz. Show ALL work on these pages, credit may not be given for correct answers with no support. Attempt all questions. TRUE/FALSE (1 point each) T / F 1. Consider a company that has only variable costs. All other things the same, an increase in unit sales will result in no change in the return on investment. F 2. If expenses exceed revenues in a department, then it would be considered a cost center. F 3. The use of return on investment as a performance measure may lead managers to make decisions that are not in the best interests of the company as a whole. T 4. The book value of a machine, as shown on the balance sheet, is relevant in a decision concerning the replacement of that machine by another machine. F MULTIPLE CHOICE (1 point each) 5. Which of the following will not result in an increase in the residual income, assuming other factors remain constant? ... View Full Document

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