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1.) Biblical authors were under the direction of the Holy Spirit when they wrote scriptures? True 2.) William Ramsey who was a skeptic about the historical accuracy of the bible changed his mind after researching one of the gospel writers details to titles of historical figures? Not Matthew 3.) The following cannot be said about the Bible? Not all of the Above 4.) Paul only used the resurrection of Christ as the apologetic argument in the NT? False 5.) The prophet Muhammad also preformed miracles to show that the Quran was true like Jesus and the Apostles did to prove that what they said was true and from God? False 6.) No other religion can confirm the hope of eternal life like Christianity because Jesus Christ is the only founder of a religion who has bodily rose from the dead? True 7.) For the OT prophets, what was the ultimate apologetic? Full field prophecy 8.) The trust worthiness is of the biblical writers can be supported because they? ... View Full Document

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