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1.) One of the last things the disciples ask Jesus before his ascension to Heaven was about? The Kingdom 2.) According to the Harbin Text Jesus started using parables significantly two years after his baptism by John? True 3.) According to Stuart and Fee very little of the division in the church today, and throughout history, comes from lack of persuasion in interpreting the events chronicled in Acts? False 4.) The principle of adaptation best explains the discrepancies among the gospels? TRUE 5.) Since parables are so simple they generally are not misinterpreted? FALSE 6.) From the cross Jesus cries out My God, My God, why have you forsaken me. This is a line from which Old Testament scripture? Psalm 22 7.) We have four Gospels, according to the text, because different communities each had need for a book about Jesus? TRUE 8.) The Gospels give us no details about the life of Jesus after the time in the temple when he was twelve until the time when he is about 30? TRUE 9.) It is not imperative that todays readers of the gospels understand 1... View Full Document

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