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ACCT 346 Student Name Bravo Baking Company began operations in May of 2010 with the production and sales of specialty breads. The company has experienced a good market demand for its high protein, low carbohydrate product called "Hi-Lo" Hi-Lo's success has required that Bravo continue to make only this one product, however, Bravo's customers, the local retailers, have been asking for more specialty breads from the company. The decision to expand will be made in the coming weeks. Weekly Assignments: Complete the assigned Tab each week. In each worksheet there are several Green colored cells. These cells must be filled in with your response. Due Tab1) Product vs. Period Costs Week 1 10 10.00 Tab 2) Cost of Goods Manufactured Schedule Week 2 30 30.00 Tab 3) Break Even Analysis Week 3 40 40.00 Tab 4) Incremental Analysis Week 5 40 40.00 Tab 5) Capital Budgeting Week 6 40 40.00 Tab 6) Variance Analysis Week 7 40 40.00 200 200.00 Total Points Available Points Earned ACCT 346 Student Name 10 points Table A Enter either "Product" or "Period" Table B Enter either "Direct" or Flour used in baking bread product #Correct Flour used in baking bread direct Correct Factory Supervisor Salaries product #Correct Factory Supervisor Salaries indirect Correct Bakers wages product #Correct Bakers wages direct Correct Rent for Executive Offices period #Correct Factory Insurance indirect Correct Sales Commissions period #Correct Rent for Factory indirect Correct Utilities used in the factory product #Correct Utilities used in the factory indirect Correct Advertising costs period #Correct Cleaning Bake Ovens indirect Correct Delivery truck costs period #Correct Insurance on Factory indirect Correct Paper wrappers for bread product #Correct Paper wrappers for bread direct Correct Depreciation on bake ovens product #Correct Depreciation on bake ovens indirect Correct Eggs, salt, water used for baking product #Correct Eggs used for baking direct Correct Interest on bank loan period #Correct Small amounts of salt used indirect Correct Factory Insurance product #Correct Factory Maintenance indirect Correct # Points 10.00 For Tables A : From the list below, identify if the cost item is a "Product Cost" or "Period Cost" by typing " Product " or " Period " in the appropriate box. For Table B: From the list below, identify if the cost item is a "Direct Cost" or "Indirect Cost" by typing " Direct " or " Indirect" in the appropriate box. ACCT 346 Student Name 30 points Table C Cost of Goods Manufactured Schedule # Materials used in baking bread 32,000 Correct Correct Beginning Work In Process $8,000 Correct Correct # Bakers wages $32,000 Materials Rent for Executive Offices 36,000 Beginning Inventory Materials $10,000 Correct # Sales Commissions 10000 Plus: Purchases $26,000 Correct # Utilities used in the factory 5000 Materials Available $36,000 Correct # Advertising costs 12000 Less: Ending Inventory Materials $4,000 Correct # Delivery truck costs 25000 Materials Used $32,000 Correct... View Full Document

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