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Quiz 1: Reading pp 1-71 Answer these questions beforehand and you will probably do just fine on this first quiz. What kind of book is Acts? What is the preferred title for this book?-Acts of the Apostles What links or connects Acts back to the Gospel of Luke?- From where was Acts written? Who writes about the ascension of Jesus in the NT? What does Wikenhauser believe about the ascension of Jesus? In what ways is Luke an historian? Are there models of historiography that he uses? What about Lukes Greek? How do we determine that Luke was the author of Acts? When was Acts written? How is the manuscript evidence for Acts? What about the speech material in Acts- is there an identifiable percentage? How would you describe the eschatology in Acts? What themes does the prologue of Acts introduce? Throughout Acts, Jesus is preached as the mediator of what? You will find most of the questions and answers if you do a careful reading of Acts. Bock, on the other hand, will discuss them in more detail and explain them.... View Full Document

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