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HSM 210 Week 8 Assignment Characteristics and Skills Joshua Stanchek Dear Human Services manager, I find that counseling to be a great profession for me to start my human services career. According to your website Candidates should be at least 21 years of age, physically fit, and enjoy working with kids and outdoor activities. A college degree and previous volunteer or paid work with children is preferred, but not required. I believe that I meet these most of your requirements I may have my college degree yet but I am close to receiving it. I feel that I would be a great asset to your program because I am a great listener. I feel that people can learn a lot about people just by listening. I am self-aware because I know my values, feelings, attitudes and beliefs, fears and desires, and strengths and weaknesses. Along with my exceptional listening skills I am also a very effective communicator. I believe the two most important skills for a counselor to have is the ability to listen and communicate effectively. counselor to have is the ability to listen and communicate effectively.... View Full Document

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