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Mini Case 1 Belmont State Bank Belmont State Bank is a large bank with hundreds of branches that are connected to a central computer system. Some branches are connected over dedicated circuits and others use the dial-up telephone network. Each branch has a variety of client computers and ATMs connected to a server. The server stores the branchs daily transaction data and transmits it several times during the day to the central computer system. Tellers at each branch use a four-digit numeric password, and each tellers computer is transaction-coded to accept only its authorized transactions. Perform a risk assessment. At looking at this case it is clear that we need a secure network. Once major risk we need to ensure is the bank transaction are being transferred securely. Developing a secure network means developing controls that reduce or eliminate threats to the network. Here are some of the preventions we need to review when creating preventive measures to maintain compliance... View Full Document

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